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war zone

The day the people of Turkey rose up — in pictures


 mehr Bilder hier


[via europeans against the political system, facebook group, 5.6.2013]

Dearest X,
First of all we are all fine. We are exposed to some gas, but it’s ok. After some experience of inexplicable pain you just get used to it…

Well, let me tell some insight of the movement. It’s not about defending any ideology but just standing side by side against fascism. And it is more than defending a park. This was the sparkle which triggered all unhappy by the ruling government. This is the reckoning day for all that Government is responsible of through the last decade. Mass massacres, in Hatay, May 2013 (more than 170 people); in Uludere December 2011 (40 people), the prohibitions for making meetings, for the police terror with teargas whenever some meets, the censored media, attempt on prohibiton of alcohol use and sale after 10 pm, the cheat scandals on public and central exams like university or state officials election exams, destruction of forests now for the 3rd Bridge they plan, the tortures all minorities suffered, Kurds, Women, Lesbians-Gays-Biseksüels.
So, there are lots of people, standing side by side… We fight together, help each other, feed each other, pour milk and talcid-water and lemon and on our faces after each single teargas attack. We are as strong as we are diversified. Because all we want is one and only: “Resign Tayyip” (our sultan).

Well, Tayyip seems like he doesn’t want to step back. So, we will resist. And, I feel like this excitement will not expire that easily. Our barricades are strong and we hold still. Now anarchy, quite peaceful sort of anarchy rules in Taksim and around. People sell and drink alcohol outside. All walls (I mean really all walls) are painted with writings against Fascism, Tayyip, Police force and in favour of solidarity and barricades of burnt police cars and government supporting media cars.

Dear X, you should have seen İstanbul now. It has never been more beautiful. When I wake up, I wake up happy, similing. And on the streets you see that on every face. Well I said to myself then, if there is something as beautiful as love, that must be revolution.

I don’t know what will happen but I am sure everything will be better soon. You can share any part or all of this letter anywhere. Because no news coming from Turkey is trustable. We need you to spread our voice as much as you can.


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